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Scottish Rite is often the second organization a Freemason may choose to join. The Scottish Rite Bodies in Wisconsin are active and provide additional opportunities for Freemasons in good standing to learn more of the lessons of the Craft while engaging in additional charitable activities.

York Rite may be considered yet another step for a Freemason.  As in the  Scottish Rite, one must be a Freemason in good standing to join.  The Knights Templar Eye Foundation, one of the York Rite family of charities, has an excellent record of accomplishment over the years.  These bodies also add to the lessons taught in the Craft lodges.

Shriners are probably the most public of all Masonic organizations and you may be familiar with many of their “units” including clowns, mini-cars, etc. and/or their Hospitals for Children. All Shriners are Freemasons in good standing.

The Order of the Eastern Star is the largest Masonic fraternal organization for both men and women. To become a member of the Eastern Star you must either be a Freemason or have a Masonic affiliation, and be 18 years of age or over.   The moral and social purposes of the order are designed to build character, to promote friendship and harmony among members, and to practice charity

The Order of the Amaranth is a fraternal organization composed of Master Masons and their properly qualified female relatives. In its teachings, members are emphatically reminded of their duties to God, to their country and to their fellow beings.  The extent of its charitable work and overall benevolence is limited only by the opportunities that exist and the ability to secure adequate funding.  Its philanthropic project is the Amaranth Diabetes Foundation.

The Order of DeMolay is a Masonic-sponsored youth organization for young men ages 12 to 21.  Its goal is to teach leadership and the high morals of Freemasonry to today’s youth.

The Order of Rainbow is another Masonic-sponsored youth organization and is designed for young women age 12 to 20. It too teaches high moral lessons and leadership.

Jobs Daughters is an international service organization for girls aged 10-20 who are related to Freemasons. It helps young ladies develop leadership, speaking skills, and confidence, along with building friendships, helping others, and having fun too.

Freemasons who are active or former military officers or senior NCO’s may consider membership in the National Sojourners. It’s a nationwide fraternal organization advancing programs that promote love of country.

Appendant Bodies