Simply stated, our mission is, "To make good men better".  We feel that by taking men who already have the basic qualities and qualifications needed to be a part of our fine Fraternity, and teaching them the principles and ideals of Freemasonry, we will help to improve and enrich their lives, and consequently, the lives of all those around them.  Freemasonry as an institution is not a religious or political organization, but one that encourages free thinking and tolerance of others, regardless of their views and opinions.  Throughout history, our Fraternity has been a catalyst for change in all areas of life: Political, Religious, Social, Economical, and Philosophical. In nearly every free and democratic nation in the world, there is at the very least, the indirect influence of Masonic teachings, if not the direct influence and intervention of members of the Masonic Fraternity.  Many of the historical figures who we hold in such high esteem have been either members of our Fraternity, or strongly influenced by it. For a listing of some of these men, please feel free to look at our “Famous Freemasons” page.

While our main goal is to better our members, we also wish to help those around us, whether they be Masons, or not.  Our Lodge is involved with various charities and organizations, both local and worldwide.  We feel that by helping those who are less fortunate than ourselves, that we are doing what we are taught in the Holy Writings, and in the most basic of teachings: “Do unto others, as you would have them do unto you”, also known as the “Golden Rule”.  We always welcome and encourage questions and information from all those in need, and those charities who are trying to assist them.  Bearing in mind that we are not a “Charitable Organization”, but a Fraternity that does charitable deeds, we ask you to remember that while we will strive to help all that we are able, not all needs will be able to be met.

Within our Lodge, you will find a group of men who love and care for each other as Brothers and equals, regardless of their stations in life, or their economic holdings.  We feel that a man’s value should be judged by his quality of character, rather than any material or external manifestations.  When you get to know the members of our Lodge, you will find an extremely diverse group of men, with a wide range of jobs. This diversity is the glue of our Fraternity which allows us to transcend the petty differences of everyday life, and aspire for something greater than our individual selves. We hope that you may find in us, a group of likeminded men with interests and goals similar to your own.

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The Purpose of Masonry 
What is meant by the symbol of the Square and Compass?

The square teaches morality by impressing upon Masons to constantly square their actions with virtue.
The compass teaches Masons to be well-rounded men and keep their behavior within "due bounds" by using caution and restraint.